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  • Senator Jim DeMint at CPAC

    ... (More)
  • Hail Obama! Ode of the Obama Youth!

    Our fearless leader will triumph! Cult of the presidency, eh? ... (More)
  • Mock Nobel Peace Prize Summit @ University of Chicago

    Students at the University of Chicago, where President Obama formerly lectured at and lived nearby, were asked what they intend to do to receive a Nobel Peace ... (More)
  • Rant on HR 1586 - 90% Tax on AIG CEO Bonuses From TARP Funds

    Senator Dodd admitting lying the other day – actually knowing about the stimulus bill allowances for AIG execs to receive bonuses from taxpayer dollars – came as ... (More)
  • "White & Nerdy" - UChicago Karaoke Contest

    Compton House represents with our rendition of Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy” for the duet category in the Shoreland-dorm-wide competition. That’s right…that’s me (Compton House prez) up ... (More)
  • The Epic Chicago Tea Party Protest

    Just hard-working citizens taking a stand for a government that acts responsibly and rationally when using our tax dollars. It’s time to make our government accountable before ... (More)
  • Chicago Tea Party - Joseph "Tex" Dozier Speech

    I had the honor of getting to say a few words as about 500 concerned citizens gathered after marching from Daley plaza to the Tribune Building. I ... (More)
  • Tex Rants On the Stimulus Package & Obama Selections

    So we noticed that “Tex” seemed a little more impassioned than usual this last show – maybe it’s that he feels $850,000,000,000 is about to wasted by ... (More)