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Mock Nobel Peace Prize Summit at the University of Chicago

So I posted info about our little Nobel Peace Prize fun on campus earlier. Here’s the result. Below you’ll find the text of the email I sent to the University Republicans about the video. Enjoy! Ladies & Gents, Recall that a couple weeks after Obama was announced as this year’s recipient for the Nobel Peace […]

Why We Fight…

(Originally posted on July 4th, 2007) God has surely blessed our country. May we all share remembrance in our hearts today of the 2,363,241 men and women who have shed their blood in sacrifice for our great nation. In observance of Independence Day, NRO asked a group of servicemen (currently deployed and vets) — those […]

Dems to Stop All Highway Funding

(Originally written on April 19th, 2007 – a mock AP report) (Washington, DC) With an average fatality rate of over 1,000 per year, upon realizing that more Americans have died building and maintaining the US highway system than in Iraq during the course of the Iraq War, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has pronounced the […]