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Politics + Health Care

Overheard on NPR this morning — Komen will continue to fund the (only) three Planned Parenthood facilities that offer mammograms. Two things can be gleaned from this dispute: 1) SGK was foolish for citing its investigation grant policy as the reason for defunding. Should have been simple logic of PP not offering mammograms at most […]

Marx Question

My question to Karl Marx still stands. Who cleans the toilets? — @ThoughtsFromTex

The Meaning of Mastery?

(Written on December 29th, 2008) Seth Goden put forward some thoughts on Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers in a blog post today. My friend, Chris Milroy, responded by emailing Seth a few times on the subject of “mastery” and then put forward some thoughts of his own hoping for his good ol’ facebook friends to provide some […]