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“Sherlock Holmes” – Doyle WOULD be Proud

Sherlock Holmes hails as the most portrayed movie character of all time with 75 actors providing their unique spin to Doyle’s legendary character in over 200 films. Having grown up reading some of the Holmesian “canon”, I always found Basil Rathbone’s, who always portrayed a great antagonist too, portrayal very “true” to the literary characterization […]

The Ugly Truth

When I noticed today that The Ugly Truth had beaten out G.I. Joe for UK’s top box office spot (looks like the Global Joe bet didn’t pay off – see prior review), I decided to give Robert Luketic’s pseudo chick-flick (or is it?) a try. Katherine Heigl, whose claim-to-fame is Apatow’s Knocked Up, plays an […]

G.I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra

When I first heard that G.I. Joe was going to be made into a live-action film, a shot of childhood nostalgia encompassed my entire being as I drifted off pondering the Hollywood incarnations of laughing gas balloons, a WWF-inspired Sergeant Savage, a traumatically deranged and emotionally disturbed Cobra Commander, and kick-ass, flag-waving “real American heroes”. […]