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UChicago Nobel Peace Prize Summit

Dispersed between the speakers we bring in (great success with Amb John Bolton last week btw) and activist projects we work on, the University Republicans like to have some fun in adding to the political discourse on campus. This upcoming event is a great example. I thought readers would find the event info quite amusing […]

Dancing with Delay

In response to what I had taken as the funniest joke I had heard all day, I almost veered off the road into the nearby creek (aka pulling a Kennedy minus a blonde) after realizing that Tom Delay will actually be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. And so, the former House majority leader […]

Political Ode to my Twitter Crush – Pink Elephant Pundit

My looks and brawn might pail in comparison, To the many archetypes of man who want to be your twitter “boyfriend”. While numerous other men probably showering you with their cool coquetry, You always exude the most piercing yet graceful allure that unsurprisingly, Leaves men like me enamored quite breathlessly. To extol your brilliant pulchritude […]

Republican Regulators (RE: Mr. McCain & The Economy)

(Written September 18th, 2008 as a NYT Letter-to-the-Editor) Your recent editorial claims that regulatory inaction “championed” by Republicans and Senator McCain in areas like finance has caused economic “failure”. Yet, as your newspaper reported in 2003 (“New Agency Proposed to Oversee Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae”), economic culpability does not lie with the Republicans if […]

GOP Convention Day #2 Live Blogging

(Originally written on September 3rd, 2008) iii FOR EASIER READING: http://texdozier.com/?p=65 7:18 = Touchy feely but very nicely produced 7:20 = Former NFL player and now pastor Miles McPherson Going to speak on character but also apply to character of the nation Mayor Nagin, referring to anyone who didn’t evacuate in time said “You’re on […]

Senate Slumber Parties Rock the Floor!

(Originally written on July 19th, 2007) This is so hilarious and true! I stayed up most of the night while watching C-SPAN2 and witnessed the amusement. And don’t worry…I have my thoughts on the Levin/Reed amendment, which is nothing but a disappointment to supporters of the war and those who want us to leave Iraq […]

Dems to Stop All Highway Funding

(Originally written on April 19th, 2007 – a mock AP report) (Washington, DC) With an average fatality rate of over 1,000 per year, upon realizing that more Americans have died building and maintaining the US highway system than in Iraq during the course of the Iraq War, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has pronounced the […]