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Scott Brown: Already Campaigning for Re-Election

Saw this email I thought I’d share from the Scott Brown campaign: Smart strategy to get as many funds as he can while the momentum is behind him. That said, based on the adverse sentiment coming from so many of his Tea Party and independent supporters after his vote last week, he may be needing […]

“Silent No More” – A Protester at the 9/12 March Reflects

Helen White is a dear friend who served as a US Senate page with me and is now a student at UGA. Yesterday, she participated in the 9/12 “March on Washington” and kindly offered to share her thoughts about the historic event as a guest post. The so-called “silent majority” broke the still morning air of […]

In Response to PEP’s “Anarchy is Bad”…”Why the Libertarian-Conservative Coalition Must Survive”

(Written December 29th, 2008) Tabitha Hale just wrote a piece – “Anarchy is Bad” – for her blog where she picks out her problems with libertarianism. Though absolute (and slightly mistaken) in her divide between libertarians and conservatives, for comparison purposes it is understandable why such a position would be taken (kind of the same […]

The Night So Far…

(Written on November 5th, 2008) Well, it’s going to be close (cough) but Obama might pull through… What I’m focusing on now is the Senate. I love checks and balances — especially when they cause the ever loved “political gridlock”. You see, whenever the governmental bureaucrats smoothly are able to implement their policies for the […]