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“Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth” Asks “Who’s in the House? JC!”

So friends have been emailing me left and right the below video; many of y’all probably have seen it posted to Twitter and Facebook. In the spirit of “David After Dentist“, this young lady shows us why dentists are the best drug dealers and why one should always sign a non-disclosure agreement with your dentist […]

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Elizabeth Bernstein wrote a keen piece in the WSJ today about the potential for relational peril in social media. Clearly, the communicative drawbacks of typing have held many an “IM” conversation in a state of comprehensive limbo. Whether in a tweet, a status update, a text, or an IM, forgetting that “:-)” can be the […]

Golf Iron + Urinal = UroClub!!!

(Written November 12th, 2008) Had a few too many at the clubhouse before hitting the first nine…? The fountain continually fluidly flowing near the green making you somewhat cross-legged…? Drank a few too many beers and now you’re playing golf with a popped collar while hitting on the refreshments chick and trying not to piss […]