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UChicago Facebook Controversy Continued

Yesterday, I blogged about my Facebook incident that FIRE has brought attention to. Today, the Chronicle of Higher Education published a piece on the subject as well. For FIRE’s overview of the case and opinion click here. I talked to the Chronicle reporter briefly as she was making her inquiries. She asked me if I […]

Breaking News on Illinois School Choice (via AFF – Chicago)

Richard Lorenc, America’s Future Foundation Chicago Rep, sent out an email yesterday evening about the promising SB2494 legislation that would create a voucher system empowering parents and students with the ability to enroll in schools relevant for their needs regardless of socio-economic status. Sponsored by the passionate State Senator James Meeks (D-15th District), this bill […]

University of Chicago Repeatedly Censors Student Facebooks

The wonderful and passionate student advocacy non-profit, FIRE, has picked up an incident that happened to me at the end of last quarter. University of Chicago: Censorship of Student’s Online Speech by University Police CHICAGO, March 24, 2010—For the second time in two years, the University of Chicago has censored a student’s post on a […]

Scott Brown: Already Campaigning for Re-Election

Saw this email I thought I’d share from the Scott Brown campaign: Smart strategy to get as many funds as he can while the momentum is behind him. That said, based on the adverse sentiment coming from so many of his Tea Party and independent supporters after his vote last week, he may be needing […]

Tax Tips from Tex

Here are four quick tips to keep in mind as you’re working away on taxes: Most people get audited because their deductions exceed the average of those in the same income and zip code bracket. So, if you’re making like $40,000 a year and give $8,000 in charitable giving, you definitely want to attach that […]

Merry Christmas from Harry Reid & the Democrats!

Merry Christmas Eve y’all! Guess what…? Our lovely Congress has just bestowed upon this nation a most wondrous gift of “universal” health care during this joyous season – a gift that will keep giving and taking. Giving in the sense that never before have we seen such blatant kickbacks and special-interest deals to put another […]

Mock Nobel Peace Prize Summit at the University of Chicago

So I posted info about our little Nobel Peace Prize fun on campus earlier. Here’s the result. Below you’ll find the text of the email I sent to the University Republicans about the video. Enjoy! Ladies & Gents, Recall that a couple weeks after Obama was announced as this year’s recipient for the Nobel Peace […]

“Silent No More” – A Protester at the 9/12 March Reflects

Helen White is a dear friend who served as a US Senate page with me and is now a student at UGA. Yesterday, she participated in the 9/12 “March on Washington” and kindly offered to share her thoughts about the historic event as a guest post. The so-called “silent majority” broke the still morning air of […]

9/11…Never Forget

(Originally written September 11th, 2006) iii On that day, we witnessed that no matter what faith you hold, what skin color you possess, or what political views you believe, true evil does not care. III It sees only your freedom and liberty – the things it has always loathed as tyrants like Hitler and Stalin and […]

On the Passing of Senator Kennedy

Yesterday, we lost a mainstay of modern, American politics. For almost a half a century, Senator Edward Kennedy championed what his heart told him was just. Breaking legislative deadlocks, forging unsuspected political alliances, and advancing importunate initiatives, Senator Kennedy left his mark which will have place in our chronicles not yet written. Though his life […]

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