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Tax Tips from Tex

Here are four quick tips to keep in mind as you’re working away on taxes: Most people get audited because their deductions exceed the average of those in the same income and zip code bracket. So, if you’re making like $40,000 a year and give $8,000 in charitable giving, you definitely want to attach that […]

Merry Christmas from Harry Reid & the Democrats!

Merry Christmas Eve y’all! Guess what…? Our lovely Congress has just bestowed upon this nation a most wondrous gift of “universal” health care during this joyous season – a gift that will keep giving and taking. Giving in the sense that never before have we seen such blatant kickbacks and special-interest deals to put another […]

Mock Nobel Peace Prize Summit at the University of Chicago

So I posted info about our little Nobel Peace Prize fun on campus earlier. Here’s the result. Below you’ll find the text of the email I sent to the University Republicans about the video. Enjoy! Ladies & Gents, Recall that a couple weeks after Obama was announced as this year’s recipient for the Nobel Peace […]

UChicago Nobel Peace Prize Summit

Dispersed between the speakers we bring in (great success with Amb John Bolton last week btw) and activist projects we work on, the University Republicans like to have some fun in adding to the political discourse on campus. This upcoming event is a great example. I thought readers would find the event info quite amusing […]

Obama = Failure?

(Written on April 6th, 2009) Today the Congress with sure verbosity and fanfare passed the president’s budget proposal (55-43 in the Senate). Many politicians, as all too often, are patting themselves on their backs while claiming they’ve backed true solutions for the economy. Yes, as many entitlement programs sink the governmental budget further into a […]

Obama Fully Explains Age-Appropriate Sex Ed for Kindergarteners

(Originally posted on August 16th, 2007) (Chicago, Illinois) – After shocking many by suggesting that teaching sex education in kindergarten is the right thing to do, Barak Obama decided to more fully explain what he believes to be “age appropriate” sex ed for public schools. “People are out of control on this,” said Obama. “I […]

The Night So Far…

(Written on November 5th, 2008) Well, it’s going to be close (cough) but Obama might pull through… What I’m focusing on now is the Senate. I love checks and balances — especially when they cause the ever loved “political gridlock”. You see, whenever the governmental bureaucrats smoothly are able to implement their policies for the […]

Voter Intimidation

(Written on November 4th, 2008) Last night my dad was telling me about his early voting experience. He and my momma (don’t know if she held on to her PUMA tendencies when she voted) had found their way to the nearest church/polling place. What they saw made them lose more faith in “the great fabric […]