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Scott Brown: Already Campaigning for Re-Election

Saw this email I thought I’d share from the Scott Brown campaign: Smart strategy to get as many funds as he can while the momentum is behind him. That said, based on the adverse sentiment coming from so many of his Tea Party and independent supporters after his vote last week, he may be needing […]

Republican Regulators (RE: Mr. McCain & The Economy)

(Written September 18th, 2008 as a NYT Letter-to-the-Editor) Your recent editorial claims that regulatory inaction “championed” by Republicans and Senator McCain in areas like finance has caused economic “failure”. Yet, as your newspaper reported in 2003 (“New Agency Proposed to Oversee Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae”), economic culpability does not lie with the Republicans if […]

DNC Convention: Live Blogging

(Originally written on August 25th, 2008) iii I’ll try to actually be consistent with posts. WATCH LIVE AT CNN.COM http://texdozier.com/?p=52 All times are central. 6:28 – Just sat down. Tonight we get to hear from Michelle Obama who I expect to tell the “American Dream” story of her husband and how he shares our values. […]

The Night So Far…

(Written on November 5th, 2008) Well, it’s going to be close (cough) but Obama might pull through… What I’m focusing on now is the Senate. I love checks and balances — especially when they cause the ever loved “political gridlock”. You see, whenever the governmental bureaucrats smoothly are able to implement their policies for the […]

Voter Intimidation

(Written on November 4th, 2008) Last night my dad was telling me about his early voting experience. He and my momma (don’t know if she held on to her PUMA tendencies when she voted) had found their way to the nearest church/polling place. What they saw made them lose more faith in “the great fabric […]