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Merry Christmas from Harry Reid & the Democrats!

Merry Christmas Eve y’all! Guess what…? Our lovely Congress has just bestowed upon this nation a most wondrous gift of “universal” health care during this joyous season – a gift that will keep giving and taking. Giving in the sense that never before have we seen such blatant kickbacks and special-interest deals to put another […]

UChicago Nobel Peace Prize Summit

Dispersed between the speakers we bring in (great success with Amb John Bolton last week btw) and activist projects we work on, the University Republicans like to have some fun in adding to the political discourse on campus. This upcoming event is a great example. I thought readers would find the event info quite amusing […]

On the Passing of Senator Kennedy

Yesterday, we lost a mainstay of modern, American politics. For almost a half a century, Senator Edward Kennedy championed what his heart told him was just. Breaking legislative deadlocks, forging unsuspected political alliances, and advancing importunate initiatives, Senator Kennedy left his mark which will have place in our chronicles not yet written. Though his life […]

Tex’s Daily Thought: Franken Avoids the “Mob”

Senator Franken, being an upstanding member of Congress, is spending the recess meeting with constituents and discussing the hot topic of health care. That’s commendable. Except, I noticed something quite peculiar about an email I came across this morning from Franken. MINNESOTA – U.S. Senator Al Franken (D-Minn) has spent his August recess traveling to […]

DNC Convention: Live Blogging

(Originally written on August 25th, 2008) iii I’ll try to actually be consistent with posts. WATCH LIVE AT CNN.COM http://texdozier.com/?p=52 All times are central. 6:28 – Just sat down. Tonight we get to hear from Michelle Obama who I expect to tell the “American Dream” story of her husband and how he shares our values. […]

Brookings Institute Sleeper Cell Unleashes Attack

(Originally Posted on August 15th, 2007) (New York City, New York) – Democrats and other leftists were shocked to discover that a sleeper cell of honest policy analyzers had secretly embedded themselves in the liberal Brookings Institute think tank. After Mike O’Hanlon and Ken Pollack wrote a New York Times article speculating that the troop […]

Obama Fully Explains Age-Appropriate Sex Ed for Kindergarteners

(Originally posted on August 16th, 2007) (Chicago, Illinois) – After shocking many by suggesting that teaching sex education in kindergarten is the right thing to do, Barak Obama decided to more fully explain what he believes to be “age appropriate” sex ed for public schools. “People are out of control on this,” said Obama. “I […]

Senate Slumber Parties Rock the Floor!

(Originally written on July 19th, 2007) This is so hilarious and true! I stayed up most of the night while watching C-SPAN2 and witnessed the amusement. And don’t worry…I have my thoughts on the Levin/Reed amendment, which is nothing but a disappointment to supporters of the war and those who want us to leave Iraq […]

Dems to Stop All Highway Funding

(Originally written on April 19th, 2007 – a mock AP report) (Washington, DC) With an average fatality rate of over 1,000 per year, upon realizing that more Americans have died building and maintaining the US highway system than in Iraq during the course of the Iraq War, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has pronounced the […]