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Geithner’s Failed Accountability

President Obama, upon entering office, promised to make a difference by placing checks on the influence of lobbyists and ushering in greater accountability. In turn, Obama’s financial go-to-guy, Mr. Geithner, promised, upon being sworn in as Treasury Secretary, to implement rules that would prevent lobbyists from hijacking the bailout process. And now, after the government […]

I’ve Got Sunshine

(Originally written on June 14th, 2007) One of the sweetest sounds eager ears can receive is the melodious, magnificent music of David Ruffin leading the “Classic Five” Temptations in their 1964 hit “My Girl”. Now one of the sweetest sounds taxpayer ears can receive is timely transparency and appropriate accountability in government. Well the Motown […]

Final Thoughts: The Coalition of Students for Coke

(Originally written June 1st, 2007) Yesterday, CDAB voted and chose to keep coke on campus. The leadership of the Coalition of Students for Coke is very pleased, yet we must recognize two things. First, by no means do we now belittle or discredit the “Killer Coke” movement or the “Killer Cokers” themselves. Those individuals have […]

The Immaturity of the “Killer Cokers”

(Originally Written May 26th, 2007) The following was posted by a fellow supporter in the pro-coke group and witnessed by me and many others at the rally. Also, after sending the coke rally emails out to the listhosts, I received emails from many “killer cokers” that set fine examples of the level of debate and […]

Government as a Watchdog Over Government?

(Originally written May 18th, 2007) Governor Elliot Spitzer of New York has created the “Commission on Local Government Efficiency and Competitiveness” whose 15-member committee will advocate accountability in local, municipal mergers – government reforming government. Well maybe Spitzer believes he can see some sound accountability during his governorship. It’s not like a committee has previously […]