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The ABM Election: In Context

2008: Anybody-But-McCain –>Romney seen as conservative hope. 2010: Obamacare passed. 2012: Anybody-But-Mitt

Super Bowl Conflict

The Super Bowl conflict of a Cowboys fan: cheer for your ruthless, division rival or cheer for the quarterback with the highest narcissist rating.

Dealing with Media

How does a conservative have positive relations with the media? Become a liberal — or at least blood brothers with David Brooks.

Politics + Health Care

Overheard on NPR this morning — Komen will continue to fund the (only) three Planned Parenthood facilities that offer mammograms. Two things can be gleaned from this dispute: 1) SGK was foolish for citing its investigation grant policy as the reason for defunding. Should have been simple logic of PP not offering mammograms at most […]

Politico Singers

I’ll take Obama’s covers of Al Green any day over Romney’s campaign-catered patriotic ballads. — @ThoughtsFromTex

Marx Question

My question to Karl Marx still stands. Who cleans the toilets? — @ThoughtsFromTex

Golf Proverb

In golf, pride cometh before the rough. — @ThoughtsFromTex

Romney’s $ Self-Deporting

Self-deportation…that must be what Mitt Romney’s $ has been doing — hanging out in the Caymans until it’s legal to come back. — @ThoughtsFromTex

Martin Delany’s Theologico-Political Answer

In 1998, Cornel West struck a challenge to what he deemed a “crisis in contemporary American religion” in his second book, Prophetic Fragments. Noting the rich tradition of religion as a vital component of the black community and a key catalyst for affecting social change, West lamented the widespread accommodation of black, American religion to […]

Coolest Grandpa Ever…

Those social security checks can go a long way…

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