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“Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth” Asks “Who’s in the House? JC!”

So friends have been emailing me left and right the below video; many of y’all probably have seen it posted to Twitter and Facebook. In the spirit of “David After Dentist“, this young lady shows us why dentists are the best drug dealers and why one should always sign a non-disclosure agreement with your dentist […]

Breaking News on Illinois School Choice (via AFF – Chicago)

Richard Lorenc, America’s Future Foundation Chicago Rep, sent out an email yesterday evening about the promising SB2494 legislation that would create a voucher system empowering parents and students with the ability to enroll in schools relevant for their needs regardless of socio-economic status. Sponsored by the passionate State Senator James Meeks (D-15th District), this bill […]

Scott Brown: Already Campaigning for Re-Election

Saw this email I thought I’d share from the Scott Brown campaign: Smart strategy to get as many funds as he can while the momentum is behind him. That said, based on the adverse sentiment coming from so many of his Tea Party and independent supporters after his vote last week, he may be needing […]

Tax Tips from Tex

Here are four quick tips to keep in mind as you’re working away on taxes: Most people get audited because their deductions exceed the average of those in the same income and zip code bracket. So, if you’re making like $40,000 a year and give $8,000 in charitable giving, you definitely want to attach that […]

Is the Stimulus Working? VMC Reports Today…

So much hot air has been released into our fragile atmosphere over the effects of the stimulus (what has been “invested”), which as much as I may question multiplier claims, has been pretty decently watched over for allocations minus a glitch or two. All said, today Vulcan Materials (VMC) will report quarterly earnings (10 am […]

Tex Interviews Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards is a top expert on federal and state tax and budget issues. Before joining Cato in 2001, Edwards was senior economist on the congressional Joint Economic Committee examining tax, budget, and entrepreneurship issues. From 1994 to 1998, he was a consultant and manager with PricewaterhouseCoopers examining fiscal issues being considered by Congress. From […]

Why I’m Boycotting New Years (or at least the revelry)

A few days ago, Simon Winchester wrote an opinion piece in the Journal tracing the origins of our modern inclinations towards debauchery and revelry to celebrate the New Year.  The culprits? (Temporal innovation with clocks + Scottish customs like Hogmanay and First Footing) X the cultural legitimacy that Alfred Tennyson can give you = the […]

Merry Christmas from Harry Reid & the Democrats!

Merry Christmas Eve y’all! Guess what…? Our lovely Congress has just bestowed upon this nation a most wondrous gift of “universal” health care during this joyous season – a gift that will keep giving and taking. Giving in the sense that never before have we seen such blatant kickbacks and special-interest deals to put another […]

Mock Nobel Peace Prize Summit at the University of Chicago

So I posted info about our little Nobel Peace Prize fun on campus earlier. Here’s the result. Below you’ll find the text of the email I sent to the University Republicans about the video. Enjoy! Ladies & Gents, Recall that a couple weeks after Obama was announced as this year’s recipient for the Nobel Peace […]

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