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You Didn’t Build That (TFAT Dark Knight Rises Edition)

In honor of the new “You Didn’t Build That” (thank you POTUS Obama) meme, here’s a personal “The Dark Knight Rises” contribution…

You Didn’t Build That (TFAT HIMYM Edition)

In honor of the new “You Didn’t Build That” (thank you POTUS Obama) meme, here’s a personal “How I Met Your Mother” contribution…

Grand Ayatollah Gives to Santorum Super PAC to “Defeat Great Satan”

(Tehran, Iran) — Reports surfaced today that the Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had donated 1.25 million Rials to the Santorum super PAC, “Red, White, & Blue.” The super PAC had recently been plagued with accusations of foreign support when a London-based securities firm donated $50k. The Santorum PAC has promptly returned both donations. Calls to […]

“UofChicago Republican: It’s the Messenger, Not the Message”

Joseph Maddalone’s new brainchild, Loquiveri, features me today. The new site is all about adding “exposure capital to the social generation.” Maddalone is (in)famous for his track record of cold calling heavy hitters in business — with some success. Joseph Dozier, president emeritus of the University of Chicago Republicans, spent four years building the organization […]

Paying Uncle Sam: Campaign Talking Point

Over the last few years, Rick Santorum has earned a cumulative $3.6 million with the highest gross in 2009 at $1.1 million.  Over the last two years, Mitt Romney has  grossed +$40 million. The candidates and media have squabbled over tax returns for months now. Gingrich keenly released his tax returns during a GOP debate while pointing his […]

The ABM Election: In Context

2008: Anybody-But-McCain –>Romney seen as conservative hope. 2010: Obamacare passed. 2012: Anybody-But-Mitt

Rick Perry at CPAC

When Rick Perry says “Dozier, you’re a crazy Texan”, is that a wake-up call or an epic compliment? 🙂 His peppy attitude probably didn’t appreciate the question I then asked him…

Jim DeMint at CPAC

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) responds to questions about the role within the GOP of libertarian Republicans and the libertarian ideology. DeMint’s interview with Reason.

Theistic Foundation of our Natural Rights

On January 26th, candidates exchanged words over various issues from colonizing the moon to best practices for tax havens at the umpteenth GOP presidential debate. But Florida voter Suzanne Bass brought the discussion back to earth when she asked the candidates if their religious beliefs would impact their governing. While local Jacksonville news states that all […]

Martin Delany’s Theologico-Political Answer

In 1998, Cornel West struck a challenge to what he deemed a “crisis in contemporary American religion” in his second book, Prophetic Fragments. Noting the rich tradition of religion as a vital component of the black community and a key catalyst for affecting social change, West lamented the widespread accommodation of black, American religion to […]

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