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Politics + Health Care

Overheard on NPR this morning — Komen will continue to fund the (only) three Planned Parenthood facilities that offer mammograms. Two things can be gleaned from this dispute: 1) SGK was foolish for citing its investigation grant policy as the reason for defunding. Should have been simple logic of PP not offering mammograms at most […]

Theistic Foundation of our Natural Rights

On January 26th, candidates exchanged words over various issues from colonizing the moon to best practices for tax havens at the umpteenth GOP presidential debate. But Florida voter Suzanne Bass brought the discussion back to earth when she asked the candidates if their religious beliefs would impact their governing. While local Jacksonville news states that all […]

Politico Singers

I’ll take Obama’s covers of Al Green any day over Romney’s campaign-catered patriotic ballads. — @ThoughtsFromTex

Marx Question

My question to Karl Marx still stands. Who cleans the toilets? — @ThoughtsFromTex

Golf Proverb

In golf, pride cometh before the rough. — @ThoughtsFromTex

Trusting Iowa

Should we trust Iowa in the future? The state GOP needed two weeks to read all of the votes, while it touted the wrong winner for two weeks.

Romney’s $ Self-Deporting

Self-deportation…that must be what Mitt Romney’s $ has been doing — hanging out in the Caymans until it’s legal to come back. — @ThoughtsFromTex

Martin Delany’s Theologico-Political Answer

In 1998, Cornel West struck a challenge to what he deemed a “crisis in contemporary American religion” in his second book, Prophetic Fragments. Noting the rich tradition of religion as a vital component of the black community and a key catalyst for affecting social change, West lamented the widespread accommodation of black, American religion to […]

Lego Newt Gingrich


Anheuser-Busch to Buy Chicago’s Goose Island (Follow-Up: The Real Reason)

When my friend shared with me the news story about the sale this morning, I immediately saw the conspiracy unfolding and responded: And so we now see the true reason behind the “great” American lager becoming no more. It’s all a cover for international forces to ultimately gain control of the pioneering, American microbrew market! […]

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