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Why I’m Boycotting New Years (or at least the revelry)

A few days ago, Simon Winchester wrote an opinion piece in the Journal tracing the origins of our modern inclinations towards debauchery and revelry to celebrate the New Year.  The culprits?

(Temporal innovation with clocks + Scottish customs like Hogmanay and First Footing) X the cultural legitimacy that Alfred Tennyson can give you = the popular spread of midnight festivities ushering in the New Year (cue ball drop).

And so many welcome the New Year with outstretched arms around a toilet bowl or with a fresh perspective on life as the girl you kissed at midnight now lies under the sheets next to you. Suddenly, a New Years resolution becomes a “get a better job” to pay that child support check.

Now obviously I’m being hyperbolic here (and please don’t take me for any moral haranguing either); but, Winchester’s key point in his article is not given to melodrama. We all too often get caught up in the New Year festivities causing us to lose that opportune moment to reflect and resolve – to ponder and progress. Take Winchester’s mentioning of how the first people to welcome the New Year do so basking in the breathtaking beauty of the dawn contemplating on all they have and all they will commit to be.

So, though I have a green-light for Tom Foolery and shenanigans, I think I’m going to sit this one out tonight. I have the rest of the year to kill my brain cells and honor Bacchus and Dionysus with inebriated piety. I’ve decided to spend time with my ill grandmother and family. I’ve decided to wake up before the early bird refreshed as I welcome another chapter in my life with a clear-mind and conscience apt of my goals and passions to come to fruition this new year.

Happy New Years y’all! Make it a great one!


One Response to “Why I’m Boycotting New Years (or at least the revelry)”
  1. Meredyth says:

    Hear Hear! I did the same!

    (Similarly, I used that WSJ article as justification for my deviantly non-deviant New Years behavior.)

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