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Voter Intimidation

(Written on November 4th, 2008)

Last night my dad was telling me about his early voting experience.

He and my momma (don’t know if she held on to her PUMA tendencies when she voted) had found their way to the nearest church/polling place. What they saw made them lose more faith in “the great fabric of democracy” than even McCain reminding us of ACORN’s piercing threat to America.

Waiting in the swarming line, they realized that maybe only two other voters had even showered in the last week. As the line began dissipating and the booths came into sight, my parents became victim of voter intimidation. Standing at a forboding 3′ 4″, the six-year-old, African-American (probably a Black Panther even) Obama plant was carrying out his diabolical scheme. Like a fox, the impassioned ideologue sneaked up to lingering voters, gave a threatening tug on their clothing, and spewed forth (in his deafening pre-pubescent voice), “Are you voting for Obama or that white guy?”

Where are the McCain lawyers when we need them? 🙂

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