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“UofChicago Republican: It’s the Messenger, Not the Message”

Joseph Maddalone’s new brainchild, Loquiveri, features me today. The new site is all about adding “exposure capital to the social generation.”

Maddalone is (in)famous for his track record of cold calling heavy hitters in business — with some success.

Joseph Dozier, president emeritus of the University of Chicago Republicans, spent four years building the organization on President Obama’s home turf. Dozier serves as the Texas Young Republicans Federation finance chairman; and is active in the Chicago Young Republican. Dozier currently works with candidates to develop their message in the 2012 election cycle.

In a wide-ranging interview, Dozier spoke with Loquiveri about how he first got into politics, his thoughts on the election year, and how the Republican Party should position itself to attract a new generation of leaders…

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