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“Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth” Asks “Who’s in the House? JC!”

So friends have been emailing me left and right the below video; many of y’all probably have seen it posted to Twitter and Facebook. In the spirit of “David After Dentist“, this young lady shows us why dentists are the best drug dealers and why one should always sign a non-disclosure agreement with your dentist before donning that bozo-gas-mask.

There are two wonderful & amusing points to this video:

  1. Maybe our dear inebriated entertainment spends too many hours playing Robot Unicorn Attack? Maybe she was reminiscing on the old “Dragon Tales” series or “The Last Unicorn” from her childhood?
  2. I’m definitely going to lean towards the latter for #1 due to her epic, childhood throwback to Carman’s Christian music attempt to being hip-hop relevant. What some may mistake to be the apotheosizing of Jay-Z is actually an excerpt from a world-famous…I mean protestant famous…I mean pew-jumpin’ pentecostal famous music video of the early 90s: “Who’s in the House? JC!” – that’s right, Jesus Christ, the “Superstar” himself, is here to party down. Oh how I remember jamming out to this one each Sunday growing up. My only suggestion: though the shorts are a nice touch, Carman is definitely lacking some retro parachute pants.



One Response to ““Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth” Asks “Who’s in the House? JC!””
  1. limewire says:

    dang nice info dude.

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