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UChicago Nobel Peace Prize Summit

Dispersed between the speakers we bring in (great success with Amb John Bolton last week btw) and activist projects we work on, the University Republicans like to have some fun in adding to the political discourse on campus. This upcoming event is a great example. I thought readers would find the event info quite amusing and so pasted the event info below.

If you’d like to support the efforts of the University Republicans, please make a check out to the University of Chicago (memo: College Republicans donation) and mail with marked attention to “College Republicans”, 5706 South University Avenue, Chicago IL 60637. Your gift in kind will be processed and you will receive a receipt from the university for tax purposes.

Be on the lookout come Monday from 12:00-1:30 on the University of Chicago Quad as YOU have a chance to become a Nobel Peace Prize recipient!

Yes, you could join the venerable ranks of activists like Henry Kissinger, Yasser Arafat, Elihu Root, Woodrow Wilson, and Mohandas Gandhi (wait, he never got it).

Feeling unsure about your credentials? Don’t worry! John Bolton was considered for the prize just because of his awe-inspiring stache. Rush Limbaugh…for sharing his drug cabinet with irascible world leaders.

The committee, which will be donning UChicago Nobel laureate “Milton Friedman Freedom” t-shirts, will be awarding deserving students with edible Nobel Peace Prizes. Though we will duly note you holding open the door to Cobb for others, we would prefer it if you would tell us how you WILL hold open the door instead of already doing it.

Other laudable, student undertakings meriting a Nobel include:
*Committing to not beating up the “That Kid” in your SOSC class next quarter.
*Having lunch with a white UCPD officer and a black UChicago professor
*Pledging to refrain from “housecest” this year in a move to stifle ever prevalent drama.
*Lobbying Robert Zimmer with an Oprah-look-a-like to bring the 2010 Rose Bowl to campus.

The students who give us the best and most amusing reasons on why they should receive a Nobel Peace Prize will be featured in a short film on YouTube.

So get the word out to all your friends!

***The UChicago Nobel Peace Prize Committee is a contingent of the University Republicans, a rag tag band of right-leaning students who advocate for individual liberty & government accountability while engaging their fellow peers with educational, political, and fun events. The committee meets every Monday at 7:00 in the Bartlett Trophy Lounge.***


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