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Dancing with Delay

In response to what I had taken as the funniest joke I had heard all day, I almost veered off the road into the nearby creek (aka pulling a Kennedy minus a blonde) after realizing that Tom Delay will actually be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. And so, the former House majority leader and whip – the “hammer” – will be doing the “hustle” come September.

Now I don’t know what will make Democrats squirm more while tuning in to the show: Delay flaunting pink sequins while doing the polka or Tom Bergeron’s vain attempts at one-liners?

Still, Mr. Delay might excel in the spotlight given his politically “snakish” ways and reputation as House whip. In fact, if you go to Delay’s website (now Dancing with Delay), it’s as if Joan Rivers knows “HTML” as anything relating to or mentioning politics has been cut, lifted, and/or airbrushed.

Conrad Green, executive producer of Dancing with the Stars, remarked that he hoped the appearance of a politician like Delay on the show would encourage former President Bill Clinton to “step up” for “the honor of the Democratic Party” and be a contestant in the near future.

Yet, if only Green had succeeded in acquiring both Delay and Clinton for this season. Clinton could probably fit in a quickstep with his partner before taking the stage and Delay could even provide a finer, Cuban cigar.

But only time will tell if Mr. Delay’s political pirouette will pay off (with votes of course – already tried the laundering route). Otherwise, Mr. Delay’s moves will come off as “an act of barbarianism” to the viewing audience, the watchers will cast their votes, and Mr. Delay’s plug will be pulled.


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  1. lois Adams says:

    Sounds good to me! Keep it up!

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