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Stinger…A Highly Recommended Cocktail

(Written on December 29th, 2008)

Many of y’all know me as a “beer man”…someone who takes pride in his Tecate with lime salt, his Texas-true Shiner Boch, his good ol’ unfiltered Hefeweizen, and his unnecessarily copious amounts of watery Old Glory reserved for beer pong.

That said, sometimes I might get caught going for scotch or Crown Royal whiskey when I’m about to smoke one of my signature Romeo & Julieta Churchills (wow, I sound like a little elitist right now – I must admit though, there are to things I splurge on in life: cigars and balsamic vinegar). As I don’t drink that much, liquor and cocktails just really haven’t interested me – only exception would be a bloody mary, a cocktail I thoroughly do and have enjoyed. However, being on a cruise recently, I decided to branch out as a novice drinker and still young 21-year-old to try some cocktails; each night at dinner I would choose a different poison. After trying various mixes from an Alexandra, to a Negroni, to an Old-Fashioned, to a Tanqueray martini, to a Black Velvit (I know…what a dang sissy), I found a drink that I believe can be thoroughly enjoyed at any time, any meal, any setting, and by anybody: the Stinger.

The Stinger is a very simple mix of 2 and 1/4th ounces (or 2 and 1/2) of brandy with 3/4th ounces white creme de menthe; I also tried the mix with cognac brandy instead of whatever type was served before and white rum instead of brandy another time – cognac was the best mix out of all three, and the white rum carried a sweeter taste with it (probably a little too much). You pore the brandy in a short glass on the rocks followed on top by the creme de menthe which due to its more sugary, and therefore heavier, fluidity will nicely sink and mix in with the brandy.

The taste is quite pleasant and refreshing. The creme de menthe nicely refreshes the palatte and the breath, so the drink appropriately can function as a post-dinner treat. The first time I sipped the lovely concoction was actually before dinner; the drink can serve as a restorative pick-me-up for your taste buds and a calming step-towards-relaxation after a long day before you eat. The creme de menthe covers the the stint of alcohol that usually would remain after consumption; moreover, the creme provides the effete drinker some ambrosial balance to the taste of the alcohol; the brandy is an adequate enough amount in the mix to satisfy the seasoned drinker.

For more information on the yuppie history of the drink, refer to this “Stinger” article in Esquire.

Y’all enjoy and be sure to drink responsibly. As Paul wrote the early Christians who were partying and carrying on, be sure to not give yourself excessively into any want or enjoyment lest it consume you; everything in prudent moderation.

Much Love,



5 Responses to “Stinger…A Highly Recommended Cocktail”
  1. Meredyth says:

    are you even 21?!?!

    this might be rather incriminating should you ever decide to be my veep…

  2. tex says:

    Meredyth! You know I’m 22! 🙂

    And veep…? Granted, if the public just cared about looks, wit, and intelligence, you clearly would be a better candidate but, out of sheer self-interest (which you must respect), I still recommend myself. 🙂

  3. Meredyth says:

    I actually had no idea how old you were!
    CLOSE CALL THOUGH! One less skeleton in your closet!

    And given our current sophist in chief, I see absolutely no evidence that the public cares about anything other than looks (read: pigmentation), wit (loosely defined) , and (perceived, albeit wrongly) intelligence. Come on Tex, just THINK of how “historic” it would be to have the first female president. I know you want in on that.

  4. The General says:

    While this is an excellent choice of drink for a calm, postdinner experience on a senior citezen homosexual cruise, I have a mix that will please your tastebuds and your BAC. Oringinated on the 5200 block of South Greenwood, the concoction takes its name from an ancient gladiator supplement consumed before bloody fights with raging armies and wild beasts. “Riot Punch,” a cold sweet mix of light beer, cheap vodka, and country time lemonade mix, will knock your libertatrian sox off. Another fine suggestion I have for you is of the cigar variety. While the romeo and juliet is a fine smoke indeed, the swisher sweet grape blunt is something you should indulge in. The artificially sweetened paper, while not good for smoke consumption, leaves the person, or circle of people, with the subtle taste of fresh grapes on the tounge. In closing, when you grow a nutsack and start treating college like college, getting fucked up, and smoking some blunts, you can repond back to me.

  5. tex says:

    Clearly you don’t know who I really am. This was just one post about a drink I had discovered. I wish I could make a post about every single type of alcohol I drink – just don’t have time. When copious amounts of alcohol are at hand, I choose all types. And, as this is college, one has to keep plenty of cheap beer on hand too. As a counter to your “Riot Punch”, I would recommend “I-Don’t-Respect-Myself”: pour a Monster in a glass and add Everclear. Enjoy. Finally, I wouldn’t call UofC a typical college – especially from where I’m from – if you think this is the place to get “fucked up”. Haha.

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