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Mock Nobel Peace Prize Summit at the University of Chicago

So I posted info about our little Nobel Peace Prize fun on campus earlier. Here’s the result. Below you’ll find the text of the email I sent to the University Republicans about the video. Enjoy!

Ladies & Gents,
Recall that a couple weeks after Obama was announced as this year’s recipient for the Nobel Peace Prize, some University Republicans spent a couple hours going around campus asking students what they intend to do or what they did to deserve a Prize – except, in this case edible, chocolate ones were given out.

It’s been difficult to find any time to edit all the videos we collected. Thankfully, with the end of finals came Obama receiving the award, so I threw together what we had to create a hybrid (and hopefully entertaining) policy critique of Obama with the various, amusing student responses.


Apologies on the sound: the balance seemed fine in the video editor but when rendered a couple spots were drowned out.

There are some student responses at the beginning; then a hypocrisy-and-inaction montage of news clips; then back to student responses after Professor Pape’s commentary at 3:13.

I hope you enjoy – encourage each of you to post it to facebook and share with friends.

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