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I’ve Got Sunshine

(Originally written on June 14th, 2007)

One of the sweetest sounds eager ears can receive is the melodious, magnificent music of David Ruffin leading the “Classic Five” Temptations in their 1964 hit “My Girl”. Now one of the sweetest sounds taxpayer ears can receive is timely transparency and appropriate accountability in government.

Well the Motown aficionado and the taxpaying maestro do not have to suffer from governmental incognito ─ the reason: “sunshine” laws. These laws allow the “unthinkable” by letting the taxpayer actually see what the government does with his hard-earned money (what a concept).

On a side note, I find the term “sunshine law” quite amusing…shouldn’t all laws and governmental proceedings serve the taxpayer’s interest? You wouldn’t let your company’s CFO write the checks while having restricted access to the budget and expenditures.

Hopefully, by government taking action in support of “sunshine laws”, a new mindset of governing will exist ─ one in favor of the taxpayer. We “Modern-Day Sam Adams” activists must continue to put pressure on our governmental bodies to act as our civil servants…not as our corruption-wielding masters.

Through our efforts, we will achieve victory as witnessed in the recent “sunshine law” successes of the Nevada state legislature: open-doors and open-records. As Barry Smith of the Nevada Press Association writes, “There can be no trust in government without transparency in government.”

May each day be God’s first day as “sunshine laws” illuminate governmental overstep and corruption…so let there be light!

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