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In Response to PEP’s “Anarchy is Bad”…”Why the Libertarian-Conservative Coalition Must Survive”

(Written December 29th, 2008)

Tabitha Hale just wrote a piece – “Anarchy is Bad” – for her blog where she picks out her problems with libertarianism. Though absolute (and slightly mistaken) in her divide between libertarians and conservatives, for comparison purposes it is understandable why such a position would be taken (kind of the same reason why we bemoan using models in understanding antiquity but still do anyways for analysis). I read the piece and quickly wrote a response as seen below:

But libertarians do believe in “enough” government that “protect(s) us from one another” – particularly in respect to Mill’s “harm principle”. Many libertarians do stand by the 14th amendment in regards to abortion; as technology gets better each day, it is undeniable that “life” (even in a “snobby” scientific sense) is capable of being sustained earlier and earlier in the pregnancy if birthed. You don’t need need an understanding of conception to immediate life from religion or any other social institution to have such a pro-life stance.

In respect to immigration, there are apparant disagreements between libertarians today. Do you not recall the hard-line stance Ron Paul (and all his RP Republicans) took on immigration? These are Libertarians and libertarian Republicans joining him at his rallies supporting a candidate who declared “No Amnesty! No welfare! No birthright citizenship! Secure our borders now!”.

Our little libertarian-conservative coalition must endure for the Republican party to be successful. The majority of Americans are socially conservative but often weigh economic issues (and others) in greater importance to them (ex. African Americans usually supporting Democrats though they outright clash on issues like abortion and gay marriage).

Our focus right now in this country should not be on socially moral divides within ideology; our focus right now in this country should be on reframing the debate for fiscal policy. As we see billions of dollars in undesignated, undefined, and unaccountable bailouts being thrown out the windows of Congress and the White House and as a president claims he has “abandoned free market principles to save the free market”, it is imperative that we do NOT allow ourselves to fall into another age of “New Deals” and faith in populist rhetoric with no return on results.

It worries me that many social conservatives in this country would promptly surrender fiscal responsibility just to have their ”savior of the social conscious” who ignores all fiscal and moral consequences in vacating economic freedom.

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