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DNC Convention: Live Blogging

(Originally written on August 25th, 2008)
I’ll try to actually be consistent with posts. WATCH LIVE AT CNN.COM


All times are central.

6:28 – Just sat down. Tonight we get to hear from Michelle Obama who I expect to tell the “American Dream” story of her husband and how he shares our values.

6:42 – The NYTs Christopher Buckley had a mock schedule for the DNC convention – title for Michelle’s speech: “If My Husband Was a Muslim, Wouldn’t I Know?”.

6:47 – The energy is truly tangible on that floor; nice music too.

6:48 – Speaking of music, look to see John Rich perform this song at the RNC convention: Raisin’ McCain . And no, I don’t think this is referring to his age.

6:49 – Bill Bennett: “he’s not dancing with anyone in the New York studio”. Yeah, he’s not gambling with anyone also.

6:55 – Please welcome people you’ve never heard of.

6:58 – How how how Dr. Laura?

6:59 – How do we invest Dr. Laura?

6:59 – Green collar…haha!

6:59 – Senator McCain (as much as I’ve disagreed with his fiscal policies) does not say the economy is doing okay; he’s actually been using the bad state of the economy as a reason to vote for him instead of the “higher taxes” aka “I-Will-Destroy America” Obama.

7:01 – Third term for Bush; they’re going to be pushing this one. Quite smart since you can always show stock footage of McCain and Bush getting cozy and McCain ensuring O’Reilly of his Republic credentials by “voting and campaigning for George Bush twice”. Oh how that primary pandering can bite you in the ass.

7:02 – Any mentioning of Obama’s political marriage with the Illinois teachers union?

7:04 – How about a politician for once actually saying no to the corporate and governmental manipulation of the healthcare market which jacks up the prices?

7:08 – Wow, that “Townhall America” session was enlightening. Everything sounded so scripted as expected. I’m sure we’ll see the same in St. Paul though.

7:09 – Maybe Pelosi will get a couple hundred more book sales out of this video clip…?

7:14 – First reference of God thus breaking Boston’s 2004 record. I love how the Dems are now trying to win the religious vote as Obama has made his own religious views key componenents of his speeches. For the first time, the DNC Convention will be opened and closed with prayer; for the first time, “faith caucuses” will occur.

7:17 – Where’s Code Pink when you need ‘em to shoot the Democrats in the foot?

7:18 – McCain didn’t vote for the Bush tax cuts, for the record. If McCain is wrong, then Biden is beyond wrong.

7:19 – On Iraq…”Barack Obama is right…” and John McCain and Joe Biden were wrong (along with Obama from 2003-2005 and at certain times in 2007 and 2008.

7:23 – We know one thing. Nancy Pelosi reads off a teleprompter almost as well as McCain.

7:26 – Nice, little video with the senior delegate.

7:28 – “George Bush flew over the devastated New Orleans.” And John Edwards got a shovel.

7:29 – Seeing this video reminds me of the utter failures made by government (local, state, and federal) when the disaster occurred. Bureaucracy at its best. And what did Mayor Ray Nagin concern himself with…taking guns from law-abiding citizens.

7:37 – Maya Soetoro-Ng; and so “Barack: The American Dream” begins.

7:39 – Delegates are already crying.

7:42 – Jesse Jackson Junior: how I won’t mention how I took up reform and challenged the Chicago Daley-Stroger political machine while Obama remained quiet.

7:45 – Jesse Jackson Jr. is a dynamic speaker. I actually like his rhetorical style more than Obama’s.

7:46 – More mentioning of “American” and “Midwest” values.

7:47 – Hollywood Delegate Susan Sarandon just showed up; the convention can truly begin.

7:49 – Damn. Jackson has such great delivery. Even less substinence than Obama though.

7:54 – Of course Biden is a happy man! How many times has he ran for president…4? VP’s better than nothing I guess.

8:01 – “A funky, good time…?” Just goes to show that the Democrats are on the fringe with social values. Hehe.

8:03 – Democrats reassuring America that they support the troops.

8:06 – I hate to be mean to this nice man, but of course life’s tough for an Amtrak worker. That’s what you get when you work for a government-subsidized, corporate monopoly that’s labor costs alone exceed all passenger-related revenue and on-board food and beverage costs as they are twice as great as revenues. For every $1 Amtrak received in revenue, it spends over $1.61. Amtrak’s debt now stands at over $4 billion. And its notoriously poor on-time performance and maintenance backlog continue to be major problems. But guess what…more subsidies each year. Sorry for the rambling but just another failed government program Obama supports.

8:07 – “The American Dream was prospering in Chicago during the 50s, 60s, and 70s”? Tell that to all the residential displacement that occurred by entities like my university to poor, minority neighborhoods. Guess this union worker was living the high life on the North Side.

8:14 – More rhythm and dancing lacking from the delegates. Can’t wait to see what that department will be like in Minnesota.

8:15 – Caroline Kennedy coming on stage to pay tribute to her father, uncle, and Barack.

8:17 – JFK/Obama comparison; didn’t see that coming…

8:18 – Ted Kennedy tribute begins.

8:21 – Kennedy video begins: Ken Burns produced this by the way; healthcare is a right not a privilege (a finite asset with infinite demand…anyone?)

8:25 – “National service must be a responsibility of every citizen.” Biden agrees as well.

8:26 – Kennedy (aka the Democrats) support the troops. So true though about the poor equipment our troops were using. Troops had been simply putting metal slabs on their hummers. Video is really effective with deceased soldier’s father choking up about his loss and Kennedy’s lost of Joseph.

8:28 – Clip of Kennedy family endorsing Obama. My that was a backstab to the Clintons.

8:28 – “We’ll break the gridlock” referring to a Democratic controlled executive and legislative branches. Checks and balances should always be recognized as a good thing regardless of which party is in power. Gridlock usually means that unnecessary intrusions by government into our lives is not happening.

8:30 – Ted Kennedy looking in good form and health at the podium.

8:32 – Kennedy just said that he will be back on the senate floor under the leadership of a President Obama. More talk about breaking the gridlock and healthcare not a privilege but a right (again…finite resource to infinite demand).

8:33 – Crowd chanting “Teddy, Teddy, Teddy!”.

8:36 – Ted comparing JFK’s ambitious optimism in going to the moon to Obama’s same optimism in changing America.

8:38 – Nice fluffy ending: “the dream lives on…”

8:41 – Kennedy speech summed up: “I’m passing the Kennedy torch to Obama”.

8:46 – Chicago City Clerk Miguel del Valle: recounting time with Barack in Chicago. Discussing Project Vote and Obama’s efforts. He should add how Obama registered all those voters in his own future district where he would run for state senate.

8:50 – del Valle has lost the audience; you can audibly hear everyone chatting over his speech.

8:51 – del Valle speech summed up: “Barack helped out Latinos; Latinos should help Barack”.

8:52 – Iowa Delegate Candi Schmieder: more Barack being in touch “with people like us” and our values; nice, cute time filler.

8:55 – Chicago Organizer and former Obama boss Jerry Kellman: more “Barack: The American Story”; Barack salary only $10,000.

8:56 – Mentioning of mills being shut down. 5 bucks John Edwards is about to show up.

8:58 – “Barack’s mother took him and tried to feed him to fill him up but it didn’t work.” Did he really just say that? I hope not.

8:59 – Barack’s message for change back in his young days.

9:00 – “This is America. This is the place where dreams come true”. And we continue the theme…(very awkward ending by Kellman).

9:01 – Feels like the audience just died. Hopefully Senator Tom Harkin from Iowa will get the crowd going.

9:01 – Omg! He’s mute. I feel terrible. I thought he wasn’t.

9:01 – Wait, he was saying hello to all the disabled watchers. Political pandering false alarm.

9:02 – Speech was more riveting when he acted mute.

9:03 – Republicans can support Obama; pivot with Former Congressman Jim Leach (Republican) coming to stage to support Obama.

9:04 – Jim Leach sounds somewhat like Kermit the Frog.

9:05 – Leach: history lesson on 4 important debates: Jefferson on rights of man, Lincoln on defining which men have rights, FDR’s new deal and Ronald Reagan’s individualism on rights of opportunity, and the debate over nuclear consequences and our environment(???).

9:07 – Leach: Republicans have taken progressive (aka statist) actions as well.

9:08 – “Country comes before party…in perilous moments”. This is a reversal of convention speeches. The Republicans pushed this point in 2004.

9:09 – Leach: bashing big government Republicanism. Can’t say I disagree with him.

9:13 – Claire McCaskill’s Son Austin Esposito: text “change” to 62262 to get up to date Obama propoganda; and now…the McCaskill American story…the theme continued.

9:14 – Grandma used to say on Halloween “Trick or treat and vote for JFK”.

9:15 – Seems like Claire McCaskill has a job in the Obama White House if he wins; Senator McCaskill comes to the podium.

9:17 – “Good, hardworking, God-loving, and family-centered people” who will back Obama; more Obama embodying the American Dream and American values.

9:18 – Michelle Obama’s American Story

9:19 – Barack Obama’s American Story

9:20 – Four more years for rich; Bush tax cuts and corporate welfare for big oil (again, McCain voted against Bush tax cuts twice).

9:21 – Remember, McCain tried to get that ethics reform through prior to the 2006 election but Obama rejected his offer as the Democrats could not claim the victory being not in charge of congress at the time.

9:23 – More “American Dream” and more “God”.

9:23 – “South Side Girl” video on the Michelle Obama story.

9:25 – Barack “didn’t see a ring” on the hand of Michelle aka his boss at the law firm.

9:26 – Barack won her over by offering to buy her ice cream.

9:28 – Shout out to the community service center at the University of Chicago! Much love to UCSC!

9:30 – Michelle Obama’s brother Craig Robinson at the podium to introduce Michelle.

9:31 – “In this country of all countries, those things were possible”; more of “the Dream”.

9:32 – “Mother she has become and the values she’s instilled in her daughters.”

9:34 – Obama playing basketball: “Barack’s confident but not cocky. He’ll take the shot when he’s open. He’s a team player; and he won’t back down from any challenge.”

9:35 – “Home filled with love and founded in faith”.

9:36 – Enter Michelle Obama.

9:37 – “When my husband and I went to our first madrassa together”…just kidding.

9:38 – “Our improbable journey”; coming as a “sister” and a “loving wife”.

9:40 – “Our dad was our rock…our champion…our hero”

9:40 – “I know firsthand…that the American dream endures”.

9:41 – Connection between Michelle’s parents and Barack’s aka working class Americans who held common values of integrity, honesty, respect, and hard work.

9:44 – “Isn’t that the American Dream…determined to mold our future into the shape of our ideals”

9:45 – 88th anniversary of women’s right to vote and 45th anniversary of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream Speech”; knew they were going to use these; you’ll hear references repeatedly during the convention.

9:48 – “Give back to my country which has given so much”.

9:50 – “Achieve goals by [Barack] bringing us together”; “our commitment to our children’s future”; “our belief in the American promise”

9:51 – “Hope” montage

9:52 – Everyone’s choking up as Michelle tells about Obama and her becoming parents and thinking how her kids will one day tell their kids what we did this election.

9:54 – Short and sweet speech; nice fluff

9:55 – “Isn’t She Lovely Lovely” playing as Michelle exits; kids come on stage.

9:56 – BARACK OBAMA VIA VIDEO from Kansas City;

9:57 – Barack just forgot he’s in Kansas City (said Saint Louis); his daughter caught the mistake and covered for him; very nice.

9:58 – Barack Obama…”the family man”

9:59 – Closing Prayer (yes, this is the DNC Convention)

Goodnight y’all; sweet dreams!

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