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Breaking News on Illinois School Choice (via AFF – Chicago)

State Senator James Meeks

Richard Lorenc, America’s Future Foundation Chicago Rep, sent out an email yesterday evening about the promising SB2494 legislation that would create a voucher system empowering parents and students with the ability to enroll in schools relevant for their needs regardless of socio-economic status.

Sponsored by the passionate State Senator James Meeks (D-15th District), this bill has passed committee and is up for a vote today I believe. So please call your IL state senator and strongly encourage him or her to support this exigent legislation that would be a step in the right direction in light of the continual failures of IL educational policy.


Dear Friends,
Moments ago, a bill that would create a pilot school voucher program for students in struggling Chicago public schools passed out of committee in the Illinois Senate. Sponsored by the Rev. Sen. James Meeks, SB 2494 empowers parents and students to enroll in schools that are better able to meet their needs. It also promises that surrounding public schools will improve, and it promises that everyone in Illinois, as taxpayers, will benefit.

This is landmark school choice policy in the making.

News from Springfield is that this legislation could get a full floor consideration within 24 hours. You can let your state senator know what you think about this critical issue.

Our friends at the Illinois Policy Institute have been active in this issue for some time and recently issued reports on the research supporting charter schools, the positive fiscal impacts of school choice legislation, and the constitutionality of voucher programs.

Watch out for an announcement of AFF’s next roundtable event coming soon!
In Liberty,
Richard Lorenc
America’s Future Foundation, Chicago


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