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Trusting Iowa

Should we trust Iowa in the future? The state GOP needed two weeks to read all of the votes, while it touted the wrong winner for two weeks.

Romney’s $ Self-Deporting

Self-deportation…that must be what Mitt Romney’s $ has been doing — hanging out in the Caymans until it’s legal to come back. — @ThoughtsFromTex

Why I’m Boycotting New Years (or at least the revelry)

A few days ago, Simon Winchester wrote an opinion piece in the Journal tracing the origins of our modern inclinations towards debauchery and revelry to celebrate the New Year.  The culprits? (Temporal innovation with clocks + Scottish customs like Hogmanay and First Footing) X the cultural legitimacy that Alfred Tennyson can give you = the […]

Geithner’s Failed Accountability

President Obama, upon entering office, promised to make a difference by placing checks on the influence of lobbyists and ushering in greater accountability. In turn, Obama’s financial go-to-guy, Mr. Geithner, promised, upon being sworn in as Treasury Secretary, to implement rules that would prevent lobbyists from hijacking the bailout process. And now, after the government […]